Hidden Data Eraser Documentation

Below you will find detailed documentation on the Hidden Data Eraser tool and its configuration options. Within the tool itself, each option has help hover text that explains the purpose.

When you delete a file from your computer, your operating system does not actually delete the file – instead it marks that space available to be written to. Until something overwrites all of that data (and several times) you can still recover fragments or even the whole file. This is very bad news for people that sell or give away used computers as someone could easily get their hands on all of your personal documents using one of the many free or paid tools online, all the while you thought you were safe because you deleted the files and emptied the “recycling bin”.

Our tool makes this process simpler by automatically overwriting all of the free space on your computer and with the pro version; automatically, several times. For greatest results, you should reformat your computer and then run the Hidden Data Eraser tool with at least 10 passes. Due to lack of support natively from the OS to truly delete files, there is no way to guarantee that all of the data is removed; the objective is to corrupt the old version of the data so it is unrecoverable.

Since the tool has to fill up your complete hard drive, it will take several hours to run - we recommend running it over night.

The Drive\Partition drop down list is for people that have multiple hard drives or multiple partitions setup on their machine. They may only keep their sensitive data on the “d” partition for instance and therefore only need to execute the tool on this particular partition.

Via the configuration menu item available in the Pro version of the tool; you can turn automatic updates on which will check for updates every time the tool is started. If a new version is available, you will be prompted to upgrade the application. You can also configure the number of passes you want to perform when you click the start button of the tool.